Transaction Table

Column Descriptions

The table below has more detailed descriptions of each column

Column NameDescription
Trans IDTrustly generated transaction ID, this is the primary ID for any transaction in our system
ImportedThis is if a transaction has been imported into Trustly from an external source
Financial InstitutionThe financial institution that originated the transaction—most often, the consumer’s bank
MerchantThe merchant associated with the transaction. If the user is associated with a parent merchant, they can also see all of the transactions from child merchants
Trans DateDate/time that the transaction was recorded by Trustly
Reference NumberReference provided by the merchant for the transaction
TypeTransaction type - more information about transaction types are here
StatusTransaction status - more information about transaction statuses are here
Status CodeTrustly's internal status codes for a transaction - full taxonomy of status codes can be found here
Reason CodeThe reason code gives a description of the status code
Instant SettleIf a transaction settled instantly, this is only applicable to RTP transactions
Currency3 letter ISO code for transaction currency
AmountTransaction amount
Payment ProcessorPayment processor who handled the transaction
Payment Provider SubtypeMethod for how the data was captured for the payment processor i.e. online banking or manual entry