Getting Started

As part of the merchant onboarding process, Trustly will set up access to the merchant portal. The user will receive an email with a temporary password. After selecting the link in the email, the merchant user will change the password and will be granted access to the portal.

Navigating the Portal

Upon login, the user will see the transaction table — easily navigate to various transaction types by selecting the tabs at the top of the table.

TransactionsSearch for any transactions or export results to CSV
Recurring SchedulesSee all transactions that recur on a set schedule
ReportDownload the Settlement Reports and Collections File. If set up for RTP, these reports will also be available here.
Customer SupportAccess user guides and customer support help.
User ManagementCreate or edit merchant portal users
OAuthSetup OAuth Okta Configuration for Single-Sign On
SAMLSetup SAML Okta Configuration for Single-Sign On
FI StatusCheck on the performance of top financial institutions