Transaction Status

Transaction Lifecycle

Different types of transactions go through different statuses. The lifecycles for capture/deposit and Refund/reclaim transactions are outlined below.

Capture and Deposit Transactions

Refund and Reclaim Transactions

Transaction Status Values

A transaction can go through the following statuses:

NewThis is the initial status after the transaction is created but before the consumer chooses a financial institution for payment. Transactions in the new state are visible only through Notification or the API status operations, not through the Merchant Portal.
PendingPayment is pending. This is the initial transaction status when the consumer has the Payment Lightbox open but has not yet authorized the transaction. Transactions in the Pending state are visible only through Notification or the API status operations, not through the Merchant Portal.
AuthorizedPayment was authorized by the consumer (they have selected their account and clicked ‘Pay') but the ACH has not yet been submitted for processing.
ProcessedTransaction was processed. The ACH debit has been submitted to the ACH network after authorization by the consumer.
CompletedTransaction was paid, funds transferred.
FailedInternal failure of transaction. (Unrelated to the merchant).
ExpiredPending transaction timed out before the consumer authorized the payment via the Payment Lightbox.
CanceledTransaction was canceled by the consumer by closing the Payment Lightbox prior to the transaction being authorized or canceling the transaction from the Payment Lightbox.
DeniedMoney transfer was denied, transaction was returned from consumer account
ReversedPayment was reversed (charged back by the bank or Trustly).
Partially RefundedPayment was partially refunded.
RefundedPayment was refunded.
VoidedAuthorization was voided by the merchant. This occurs when the 'cancel' API is invoked or the transaction is canceled in the Merchant Portal (this must be done prior to the transaction being moved to ‘Processed' status).
OnHoldA transaction is put on hold after authorization if something is preventing the normal flow, such as when an ACH debit could not be initiated, or if the Trustly wants the merchant to verify that it really approves of this customer authorizing this amount. The payment may take longer to process than usual. Note: if a transaction is On Hold, you can verify it through the Merchant Portal to let it resume the normal flow of payment processing. Currently, there is no equivalent way to do that verification through the API.

Status Codes

Each transaction status also has a transaction code that provides more detail, they are as follows:

Software (SW)

These statuses are related errors found during the validation processes before the transaction is sent to the ODFI. These include risk and validation errors.

Status CodeDescription
SW020Authorization received
SW021Authorization declined due to insufficient funds
SW051Merchant error
SW052Financial Institution error
SW053Internal network error
SW054Suspicious transaction activity
SW055Negative data
SW056Invalid account
SW057Expired split token
SW059Instant transaction rejected due to risk
SW060Bank or network processor is down

User Canceled

These statuses are related to when the user cancels the transaction process. Each time the user cancels a status based on the point of cancellation is defined. Therefore, errors during user interaction.

Status CodeDescription
UC01User canceled the transaction at bank selection page
UC02User canceled the transaction at login page
UC03User canceled the transaction at invalid login page
UC04User canceled the transaction at challenge question page
UC05User canceled the transaction at invalid answers for challenge questions page.
UC06User canceled the transaction at MFA page
UC07User canceled the transaction at invalid MFA page
UC08User canceled the transaction at account selection page
UC09User canceled the transaction at error page
UC10User canceled the transaction at partial account number page
UC11User canceled the transaction at select account location page
UC12User canceled the transaction because it does not have a bank on the list
UC13User canceled the transaction at login with captcha page
UC14User canceled the transaction at captcha validation page
UC15User canceled the transaction at manual account input page
UC16User canceled the transaction at manual account confirmation page
UC17User canceled the transaction at MCD confirmation page
UC18User canceled the transaction at MCD validation page
UC19User canceled the transaction at account profile input page
UC20User canceled the transaction at no dynamic balance page
UC21User canceled the transaction at partial account not supported page
UC22User canceled the transaction at security script page
UC23User canceled the transaction at account not supported page
UC24User canceled the transaction at authorize page with exception
UC25User canceled the transaction at bad account page
UC26User canceled the transaction at the bank's reset password screen
UC27User canceled the transaction because the bank was unavailable
UC28User canceled the transaction at an external screen
UC29User canceled the transaction due to a timeout
UC30User canceled on the manual entry screen after an invalid routing or account number entry
UC31User canceled on the manual entry screen due to related information (SWIFT code or address) not being found
UC32User canceled the transaction at the maintenance page
UC33User canceled the transaction at non-eligible currency error page
UC34User canceled the transaction at Connect to your bank (OAuth login) page
UC35User canceled the transaction at Waiting for your approval page
UC36User canceled the transaction at VAN info page
UC37User canceled the transaction at widget within Lightbox page

Acknowledged Communication (AC)

These are the main statuses for ACH and RTP transactions. When user communication is completed or when the merchant calls API directly these are going to be set for the transaction.

Status CodeDescription
AC100AC Pending
AC101AC Declined
AC102AC Approved
AC103AC Error
AC104AC Voided
AC105AC Processed
AC106AC Collected
AC107AC Awaiting Capture
AC108AC Awaiting Approval
AC109AC Suspended
AC110AC In Collection
AC111AC In Research
AC112AC Disputed
AC113AC Uncollected, Insufficient Funds
AC114AC Invalid or Closed Account
AC115AC Other Returns
AC116AC None
AC117AC Expired
AC118AC Settled

System Error (SE)

Status CodeDescription
SE01System in maintenance mode
SE02System error connecting to API services
SE03System error connecting to financial services gateway

ACH Return Codes (R)

These statuses are related to ACH return codes.

Status CodeDescription
R01 to R84ACH return codes 01 to 84.

EFT Decline Codes - Canada

These statuses are related to ACH return codes.

Status CodeDescription
900Account information incorrectly entered
901Insufficient Funds
902Account not Found
903Payment Stopped/Recalled
904Post/Stale Dated
905Account Closed
907No Debit Allowed
908Funds Not Cleared
909Currency/Account Mismatch
910Payor/Payee Deceased
911Account Frozen
912Invalid/Incorrect Account No
914Incorrect Payor/Payee Name
915No Agreement Existed - Business/Personal Refused
916Not in accordance with Agreement - Personal
917Agreement Revoked - Personal
918No Confirmation/Pre-Notification - Personal
919Not in accordance with Agreement - Business
920Agreement Revoked - Business
921No Pre-Notification - Business
922Customer Initiated Return - Credit Only
990Institution in Default

Trustly Direct Debit (TDD) for UK

These statuses are related to ACH return codes.

Status CodeDescription
ARUCS_0Invalid details
ARUCS_2Beneficiary deceased
ARUCS_3Account transferred
ARUCS_5No account
ARUCS_BAccount closed
ARUCS_CRequested by remitter
AWACS_0Invalid details
AWACS_3Account transferred
ARUDD_0Refer to payer (basically means out of funds)
ARUDD_2Payer deceased
ARUDD_3Account transferred
ARUDD_4Advance notice disputed
ARUDD_5No account (or wrong account type)
ARUDD_6No instruction
ARUDD_7Amount differs (disputed amount)
ARUDD_8Amount not yet due (in case payment is sent before DDI confirmed)
ARUDD_9Presentation is overdue
ARUDD_AService User differs (Details dont match DDI)
ARUDD_BAccount closed
ADDACS_0Instruction canceled refer to Payer
ADDACS_1Instruction canceled by Payer
ADDACS_2Payer Deceased
ADDACS_3Account transferred to new bank
ADDACS_BAccount closed
ADDACS_CAccount transferred to new branch
ADDACS_DAdvance notice disputed
ADDACS_EInstruction amended
ADDACS_RInstruction re-instated
AUDDIS_1Instruction Canceled by Payer
AUDDIS_2Payer deceased
AUDDIS_3Account transferred
AUDDIS_5No Account
AUDDIS_6No instruction
AUDDIS_CDDI amount not zero
AUDDIS_FInvalid account type
AUDDIS_GPSP will not accept DD on account
AUDDIS_HInstruction expired
AUDDIS_IPayer Reference not unique
AUDDIS_KInstruction cancelled by paying PSP
AUDDIS_LIncorrect payers account details
AUDDIS_MTrx code/user status incompatible
AUDDIS_NTrx not allowed at payers branch
AUDDIS_Oinvalid reference
AUDDIS_PPayer's name not present
AUDDIS_QService users name blank
DDICA_1Amount differs
DDICA_2No advance notice received by payer
DDICA_3DDI canceled by bank
DDICA_4Payer has canceled DDI with Service User
DDICA_5No instruction held
DDICA_6Signature fraudulent
DDICA_7Claim raised at Service User Request
DDICA_8Service user name disputed, payer does not recognize