Documentation Updates

This page provides a log of updates published to the Trustly developer documentation.

July 20, 2023

  • A new tutorial was added for retrieving CashFlow Data.
  • The Account Data Retrieval tutorial was revised and renamed Account & User Data.
  • The Android Quickstart guide was updated to reflect current required dependencies.
  • The React Native Quickstart guide was updated to recommend the integrationContext: InAppBrowserNotify approach as customer feedback indicated better results were found with this approach than with the previously recommended InAppBrowser approach.

June 19, 2023

  • The Guides section was reorganized for better usability. The Getting Started section was streamlined and the "Integration Guides" were re-named and moved to Tutorials.

May 25, 2023

  • Added a new API reference for Get Account Summary which provides aggregated bank account activity data for an Authorized transaction. This provides additional capabilities for the Account Data Retrieval use case.

May 15, 2023

  • The descriptions of the Verify an Account and Tokenize an Account API endpoints were updated to better reflect their functionality and their request models were corrected as some properties previously included in the models were non-operative.

April 13, 2023

  • Consumer Facing Messaging for Payment Codes was added to the Type Definitions in the Reference section.
  • Details for creating test scenarios using Trustly's Demo Banks were updated.

April 5, 2023

  • The Trustly SDK category was added to provide easier access to docs for the Select Bank Widget, Lightbox and other user interface elements.
  • Guides for mobile app frameworks React Native and Cordova were added.
  • Information on OAuth user flows and requirements was moved from the Webview guide to an independent OAuth guide page for clarity.

March 27, 2023

March 24, 2023

  • Several integration guides were updated to clarify how the splitToken is received.
  • This Documentation Updates page was added and other miscellaneous pages were added to the Resources section.

March 20, 2023