Mobile Apps

Adding the Trustly UI to mobile apps

Trustly's mobile SDKs help you integrate the Select Bank Widget and Lightbox UI with your iOS and Android applications. Additionally, Trustly provides guides and example apps to help you integrate these Trustly User Interfaces with mobile apps built on popular frameworks such as React Native and Cordova.

Note about OAuth

The primary difference between integrating Trustly in a web app and a mobile app is the requirement to handle OAuth login flows from your application. Unlike a web browser that can open OAuth login windows and return the user to the original web page via callback URLs, mobile apps must configure deep links and provide these when launching the Trustly UI. Each of our mobile guides in this section addresses this topic and more information can be found in the OAuth Guide.


For the best user experience and simplest development experience for mobile apps, Trustly provides iOS and Android native mobile SDKs.

Framework Guides

In addition to the above SDKs, Trustly also provides guides for integrating with popular frameworks.


If your application architecture requires a hybrid platform or WebView-based Trustly integration, follow the guidance provided in the WebView guide.

Also see the Trustly WebView Example App which provides examples of iOS and Android apps integrated with a web-app serving the Trustly UI.

What’s Next

Read more about OAuth or get started on your iOS and Android apps