Recurring Payments

Recurrence Object

startDateUnix TimestampRecurring payment start date.
endDateUnix TimestampRecurring payment end date.
nextOccurrenceUnix TimestampWhen the next capture will be issued if using automatic captures.
recurringAmountStringRecurring payment amount. (maximum of 10 characters with support for 2 decimal places)
debtSettlementStringAny debt amount settlement done outside of Trustly like discounts or when consumers pay one recurring debt using another payment method like traditional checks or credit cards. (maximum of 10 characters with support for 2 decimal places)
frequencyNumberHow many payments per frequencyUnit. Defaults to 1. Example: To define 2 recurring payments every 3 months set: frequency = 2, frequencyUnit = 3 and frequencyUnitType = "Month".
frequencyUnitNumberAlong with frequencyUnitType, defines the interval of the frequency of payments.
frequencyUnitTypeStringValid values are as follows: Day, Week, Month, or Year.
automaticCaptureBooleanIf true, payment captures are issued automatically.