FI Status


The Financial Institution Status Page (FI Status Page) provides merchants with near real-time information on the status of our connectors to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. It provides merchants transparency around the health of each connection, as well as any updates and resolutions. This is intended to be beneficial when troubleshooting consumer connection inquiries.


The FI Status page is enabled for Trustly’s Top 50 US and Top 5 Canada Financial Institutions.


The FI Status page will display one of three statuses according to the health of the bank connection:

  • Good - The FI connector is working as expected with no issues
  • Degraded - The FI connector is working with reduced performance
  • Down - The FI connector is temporarily unavailable

The last status update column will show the time that the bank has moved to the status it is showing.


A user can choose up to 10 top banks to pin to the top of the screen for easier access and reference.