Trustly provides a Sandbox environment for active development and testing. The Sandbox environment supports all features and functionality of the production environment but payment operations will not result in any funds activity.

When deploying an application ensure that the correct base URL and authentication credentials are used as they are different for each environment.

Production: https://trustly.one/api/v1

Sandbox: https://sandbox.trustly.one/api/v1

For more details explore the API Reference for more details regarding backend operations.



The following endpoints have been deprecated, but will be supported until further notice.

  • Production: https://paywithmybank.com
  • Sandbox: https://sandbox.paywithmybank.com

SDKs & Libraries

When using the Javascript client library, the base URL included in a web application must match the active environment as below:

Production: https://trustly.one/start/scripts/trustly.js
Sandbox: https://sandbox.trustly.one/start/scripts/trustly.js

When using the native iOS or Android SDKs, the sandbox environment can be used by passing the optional env property into the establish data object:

establishData["env"] = "sandbox"

For more details see the SDK docs.

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