How to Search

A user can leverage the search functionality to find transactions.

Merchants can view transactions for periods up to 60 days. To choose additional search fields, select the Refine Search option.

Refine Search Options:

Search ParameterDescription
StatusStatus associated with the transaction, more details on all of Trustly transaction statuses here
Date FromEarliest date to search by; defaults to 60 days prior to current date
Date ToLatest date to search by; defaults to current date
Transaction IDPrimary ID for any transaction in Trustly's system
Transaction TypeType associate with this transaction, more details around transaction types and their meaning here
MerchantMerchant user should only be able to view their transactions (or if setup as parent/child, will be able to view transactions based on multiple access IDs)
Amount MinMinimum value of transaction
Amount MaxMaximum value of transaction
DescriptionDescription is provided by the merchant when they initiate a transaction
Payment ProviderInstitution that transaction originated from
Original Transaction IDUsed in scenarios like a refund where the original translation ID was the initial transaction and the refund has a new transaction ID. For captures that are not refunds, this is the Authorize associated with it
ReferenceExternal ID provided by the merchant that can be used to trace a transaction back to their system
Verification StatusThis is specific to verification transactions and describes if it has been verified or not
Customer NameName of the customer associated with the transaction, this data comes from the merchant
Customer External IDIdentifier from the merchant used in their systems to associate to the transaction