Transaction ID

The parameter and property transactionId occurs throughout the Trustly API, and is associated with multiple events:

  1. One example wheretransactionId occurs is when creating a bank authorization in the EstablishTransaction. For initial bank account authorization, transactionId is used to reference the event of an account moving from consumer to merchant.
  1. Another example where transactionId occurs is in CaptureTransaction. This operation creates a new transaction called a Capture transaction. It is linked to the payment you are partially or fully capturing when moving funds from consumer to operator. Here, the output associated with transactionId refers solely to an event within the API response.



When processing a Cancel Transaction call, use the transactionId associated with the response and not the bank authorization. Canceling the bank authorization transactionId could result in a canceled account.

Other Examples

Initial Action (Generates)Subsequent Actions (Receives)
Establish (Consent)PreAuth (Authorization)
Capture (Payin)
Deposit (Payout)
User information
Account information
PreAuth (Authorization)Capture (Payin)
Capture (Payin)Cancel
Deposit (Payout)Cancel


Any transaction ID can be used with Get Transaction.