RTP Report

How to Read the Reconciliation Report

The RTP Report consists of individual rows of data. Each row provides one of three types of data:

  • Header
  • Transaction Record
  • Trail

Each row contains only one type of data and begins with a Record Type Indicator, which conveys the data type. For example, the file header rows indicator is H while the individual transaction rows have an indicator of T.

RTP Reconciliation Report Fields

The RTP Reconciliation Report differs from the standard Reconciliation Report only in the type of transactions it contains. This report contains only RTP payouts.

To review the details of the report fields, please review the standard Reconciliation Header, Transaction, and Trail sections in the Reconciliation Report Page.

RTP Reconciliation Report Payment and Transaction Types

The RTP Reconciliation Report includes only the Payment Type of Deferred and Transaction Types of Deposit or Refund.